Why RCI Kimba? An unmatched level of commitment.

Integrity – Doing the “right thing.” Our fearless commitment to quality and service drive us every day. Our company is built on integrity – we demand it.

Communication – Communication is the key to success.

Accountability – Our entire staff is invested in every project.

Our history

RCI Kimba was formed when two successful builders joined forces 12 years ago. With a combined 60 years of experience, knowledge, and their hands on approach, RCI Kimba became retail construction industry leaders.

Building several hundred stores for some of the nations largest retailers, their close working relationships is evident in the long term commitment, dedication, and comfort these retailers have shown.

This type of repeat business is a testament to the confidence, quality, and reliability of their work.

RCI Kimba not only makes their clients feel comfortable, but keeps them involved in each and every aspect of a project.

“I was really impressed with not only the quality of work, but the ability to follow plans exactly. When the plans had a minor issue they caught it before it became a major one.”

John S.

“Their professionalism and knowledge really stands out above the rest. Any issues that arose were handled in a quick and timely fashion.”

David H.


RCI Kimba builds for pharmacies, health and beauty, apparel, jewelry, office products, electronics, convenience stores, restaurants/food, supermarkets, college stores, bookstores, big box, sporting goods, home furnishings, pet, salon, optical, and banking.